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2011-06-28 14:26:42 by Crueltool

After my little creativity on this site, I'm trying understand something:

1. How do you rate songs?
2. What is your most important in the sound?
3. Does it benefit or simulated sample music?
4. Assessed whether the beginning of the track and its ending?
5. Do the playback speed by tempo?
6. And why do so few people write comments?

Thank you for your attention and your time.

with regards, Rama Team-DIX

Rate Me UP !


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2011-06-29 10:32:46

1. I rate based on how well-produced a song is, even if I don't necessarily like the song. Although, if I do like the song, I make sure the artist knows it.
2. The melody, for the most part is most important for me. Although the bass and drum patterns are pretty important for me to.

I'm not sure what you mean by some of those other questions. But the main reason so few people write comments is because Newgrounds doesn't have a huge Hip Hop scene. There's a lot of producers, but not a lot of just listeners. So that's part of why you're having problems getting reviews.

Hope this helps a little!


Crueltool responds:

completely agree, my friend!!!


2011-07-13 16:32:14

1) If it sounds like the artist at least tried and put in some decent effort, Ill give em a 5. The rating system on NG is fuxxed anyway and so many zeroes seem to be dropped, this is my way to counter the hate. If it sounds like someone uploads pure shit or is trying to be funny (but I aint laughing) then a zero.
2) For me, the most important thing (in an instrumental, not a rap) is if the beat has depth to it. I really like beats with heavy bass and a catchu melody. I like it when the drums sound authentic, when producers use stock drum sounds it ruins the track.
3) I think a beat benifits from sampled sounds (Im not sure what your question is though), it all depends on the producers capability to create original compostions though. My motto, if it sounds good, its good!
4)When I do review tracks, I usually pay attention to whether the track has a definate beginining and end- although, sometime its hard to judge an instrumental like that, because sometimes its the rappers who have to bring the song in and out.
5) I dunno :S
6) I agree with what Jack said, but I'd also add that, if you want reviews on your music you're going to have to review others music as well. Usually people will return the favour if you review their work.

Keep at it Rama, you got some sick tracks here, real solid production coming from team dix!

Crueltool responds:

Thanks for responding my answers!


2011-07-25 21:44:15

1. I rate them on how well-produced the song is, and if it has vocals then I rate by lyrics, flow, message, quality, etc.

2. In the sound? Just the entire flow of the song. A song can sound good on all parts but still not flow. If a song flows perfectly, then its there.

3. Depends on how original of a sample you've chosen.

4. As a rapper, I usually don't worry about an ending to a song cause usually I throw my own intro or ending in. However, when I'm reviewing newgrounds music, I do notice if someone put extra work in to add an ending and a beginning.

5. No idea. I notice you did put that information on your songs, as a rapper, it helps to know the bpm in some situations.

6. The Hip-Hop part of newgrounds, has tons of rappers and producers, and even a lot of listeners, just not nearly enough listeners to review every track. Understand? Even if I hear a great track, which I have heard from you before, I hardly ever have the time to review stuff myself.

Crueltool responds:

Good answers man. And thank u)


2011-08-11 14:23:36

I know this is an old post and all, but I thought I'd post my opinion anyways. I remember when I first started paying attention to the audio portal. I usually would just watch movies and rarely played games, depending on what it was.

1. Being an ex-musician myself--I was in band and Marching band for an upwards of 5 years (not all high school) as a percussionist--you know when something feels "incomplete" and inharmonious. I usually rate on how well the parts of the song harmonize, is there a sound that feels like its missing, does the song sound flat. Sometimes you can tell exactly what's missing and sometimes its just a feeling.

2. This is a bit more difficult to answer. Mostly because different music has different things that make it that genre. I can't really judge them all on the exact same scale, but I guess what I look for the most is sound quality--is it too high pitched, is it too low. You'd be surprised how many songs are submitted that are just not choreographed in the right pitch at all. That and harmony of the sounds, again.

3. Not entirely sure what you meant there

4. I think its more important that both are assessed. I have come across awesome endings and awesome beginnings bit nothing new in the middle. Though I will say, a bad ending will kill a song for me.

5. BPM is nice to know and I feel that most people should play around with it. You can create a completely different song just by messing with that.

6. I think that the reason so few people don't write reviews is either not to be called out on what they have to say or even just because they feel they don't have anything productive to add. I started reviewing on my free days just because I know some artists need the boost. Though, there is no set what to review music. So I guess people also don't want to comment on something they feel they know little about. I listen to all kinds of music, yes, but I am no queen on it. In my reviews I either try to give a good job and tell them what I liked or to give them ideas of how to make the piece better or things that might have sounded off about the piece. I feel like every song deserves at least one comment. :3

I hope that helps. Love your music!

Crueltool responds:

So latent and intelligent answer. Thank you for biggest comment here...


2011-12-29 14:00:22

At the time that I'm leaving this comment, you have 56 beats uploaded. Everyone of them is on my iPod now, and I plan on putting everything new that you upload on there too. Thanks for sharing your beats dude, I love hearing them.

Crueltool responds:

Awesome man!!! nice to hear good words from a good man. I will try continue to do next bumping every day. Thanks dude!


2012-02-27 07:46:36

Only few people comments because there are lots of zero haters, the new ng skin doesn't change this panorama.

You know that feeling perfectly.

Therefore, there will be few votes and few listens because NG is a site for upload flash (in first place) and audio (in second place). There are only 4 audio in FP each week-2 weeks, only 4... but how much flashes? 20, 30 maybe? The proportion matches with the comments ratio.

Enjoy :)

Crueltool responds:

Thanks man! i think so too. But some haters have a low activity in NG.


2012-03-05 17:33:08

1. How do you rate songs?
I rate songs based on what I believe is the artistic quality of the song. That is, the combined skill factor, production, artistic vision, realization of that vision, and inherent meaning of the song. It all combines into one package, and it helps if your song is harmonious or is pleasing to the ears.

2. What is ((your)) most important in the sound?
I believe that the sound should reflect that the artist has some control (preferably a lot of control) over what they sound like. Also, I believe that bringing something new to the table is important. It's OK if it is cliche, as long as it is cliche done well.

3. Does i benefit or simulated sample music?
I'm guessing that you're asking if using samples benefits music. I believe so. Hip-hop has used samples since its inception in the 80s, and even so til today. Sampling is being used in other styles of music too, most notably in the use of drum samples in most electronic music today, or programmed drums.

4. Assessed whether the beginning of the track and its ending?
I think that the track is good regardless of whether the beginning or ending is bad. As long as the "meat" of the track is good, I don't care about the beginning/ending. Although there are bonus points for a good intro/outro.

5. Do the playback speed by tempo?
I don't think there are any rules regarding tempo, but I know the professionals use a metronome to make sure their tempo is on point.

6. And why do so few people write comments?
General laziness. They might be visiting the audio portal just to download some songs and leave, or they don't feel like writing anything today. They also might feel like they have nothing important to say, so they might as well not say it at all. I feel like when I give a review, I want to give at least a detailed 3 paragraphs concerning the pros and cons of the mix. But I always feel good whenever someone reviews my work, no matter how small.


Crueltool responds:

Awesome man! I'm in case now))