Searching Rap MCs for my compilation.

2012-10-24 03:37:49 by Crueltool

Hi all again!

If you know me, you must know my beats here in NG. I'm happy tell you about my album-compilation. And i need help all of you!! I planned to finish my "X-ALBUM" at first of 2013. So i need your records before it time, on my beats-instrumentals. Choose 1 or 2 tracks or how many you want, get cooperate with somebody else or make single. Hope to get best quality rec from you (or somebody can send me acapellas, and i could master it). It's very important for me!
All my audio submissions here:
Cruel Tool music - instrumentals
I will upload more my stuff time after time.

Good Luck
Best regards, Rama [R-Music studio]

Searching Rap MCs for my compilation.


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2012-10-25 02:37:21

The picture looks like a gangster Grim Reaper :)

Crueltool responds:

Yeah! i think people find it so!!


2012-11-18 11:05:27

Yo, I just wanted to let you know that im interested in this, but I just got one question.

-Is the deadline on December 2012 or January 2013?

-Tha Phonix-

Crueltool responds:

deadline in january 2013. thanks for respond me)))


2013-09-04 04:25:10

Can it be spanish rap?