Entry #5

"CRUELTooL" music

2012-11-15 04:51:13 by Crueltool

...Meanwhile, I created my own label - "CRUEL`TooL"
Working in genres: instrumentals & beats, hip-hop beats, rap beats, oldschool, underground noise beat
From that moment, no more R-music studio. It's time for new awesome tracks and hard work.
I want any one to take part in my instrumentals and mixtapes.

"Smack That Rule
use CRUEL`TooL"

Still, Rama

"CRUELTooL" music


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2012-11-26 23:49:40

Yeah buddy! Bring the heat man!

Crueltool responds:

Sure!!! I will do it for you man!!!


2012-12-08 15:59:05

Awesome Rama. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE BEATS, they are so good. It's really cool of you to be letting us use them like this. You are helping out a lot of rappers, and we all thank you!

Crueltool responds:

Thanks for kind words Teq. Wish all dudes to make awesome rap!!


2013-01-10 15:26:00

You're my number one inspiration, dude. I haven't been active lately because my PC just won't handle music production anymore, but as soon as I get it replaced, I'm going to be working on some new beats, trying new tricks. Keep making those sick tracks, dude!

Crueltool responds:

Hope you will make new fantastic tracks man! I want to listen em very much. Good luck to your music work and thanks a lot dude!!!